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If you’ve only experienced traditional health insurance, it’s common to have a lot of questions about how direct primary care works and what’s covered or not covered under your monthly membership. We’ve included some frequently asked questions below, but our office is also happy to help answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at (405) 696-5442.

What is direct primary care?

With the direct primary care (DPC) model, the patient receives comprehensive primary healthcare services directly from their DPC physician. The patient pays a monthly membership fee directly to the practice to access the full scope of benefits. At Simple Primary Care Solutions, that means unlimited office visits and 24/7 access to Dr. King via phone, text, or app, plus discounted services through our in-office lab and pharmacy dispensing services with common generic prescriptions like antibiotics.

Direct primary care providers don’t participate in any insurance plans, which means less time on paperwork and data collection required by insurance companies and more time directly caring for patients. DPC providers eliminate the significant overhead that comes with traditional insurance and pass those savings on to the patients while also providing highly personalized care.

What medical conditions can you treat?

We treat a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions in pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. From common colds and ankle sprains to annual physicals and ongoing management of asthma, diabetes, or other health conditions, we can cover most of your primary care needs. Dr. King is also passionate about optimizing health through bioidentical hormone therapy and peptide therapy. If you have a specific health condition and want to ensure we can help before joining our practice, call our office at (405) 696-544 to discuss.

What does the monthly membership fee cover?

Our monthly membership fees cover the vast majority of your primary care needs, including annual physicals, wellness exams, sports or school physicals, unlimited office visits, basic in-office medical procedures, treatment of acute illness or minor injuries, and 24/7 access to your physician via phone, text, or app.

Our patients also have access to discounted labs, medications, imaging tests, and special procedures that are not included in the membership fee. If you need medical care or testing that falls outside of our services, we’ll help you find the most cost effective option for those services.

Is there a signup fee on top of the membership fee?

Yes, there is a one-time $99 fee to become a member of our practice, but we no longer require a minimum six-month commitment. We’re confident that the experience and care you’ll receive will show you the value in working with a direct primary care provider. To join, you’ll simply complete our membership agreement and pay the $99 fee to get started as a patient of Dr. King.

What if I decide to cancel my membership?

While we value our patients and work hard to build an open, honest, respectful relationship with every patient, we know your healthcare needs and budget may change over time. Rest assured knowing you can cancel with a 30-day written notice at any time.

How does contacting Dr. King after hours work?

One of the best benefits we offer is 24/7 access to Dr. King. No more waiting for a doctor’s office to open and hoping you can get on the sick list for that day or having to go somewhere for expensive after-hours care for a minor healthcare issue. When you join our practice, you’ll receive complete details on how to contact Dr. King via phone, text, or app outside of office hours.

Why do I need an annual physical exam?

Your membership with Simple Primary Care Solutions includes an annual physical exam, which we recommend for all patients. These appointments help Dr. King get to know you better as a patient and take some notes on your overall health. Having a history of annual physical exams provides a baseline for comparison if you begin having any health challenges. An annual exam can also help identify health conditions in the early stages before they impact your well-being.

What does having on-site lab work and on-site pharmacy dispensing mean for patients?

Our on-site lab work and on-site pharmacy dispensing options are another way we help patients save time and money.

There are many times where bloodwork or urinalysis is a helpful tool in diagnosing and monitoring a health condition, including diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid conditions, kidney problems, liver function, STDs, and clotting disorders. If Dr. King orders lab tests, we can get the sample in our office and send it to our lab for analysis. For most patients, the cash price for lab work through our office is much lower than what they might pay for labs using insurance.

Our pharmacy dispensing services include many commonly prescribed generic medications for primary care patients, including oral antibiotics and even some topical and injectable medications like corticosteroid injections for managing arthritis pain. If you’re not feeling well, getting your medications at our office saves you another stop on the way home and saves you money compared to the pharmacy’s price.

What if I need medical attention when away from home?

Many conditions can be diagnosed and treated through a simple conversation by phone or video, so your 24/7 access to Dr. King still applies even if you’re away from home. If needed, we can locate the nearest pharmacy and send a prescription for medication to treat the diagnosed condition or we can mail medication from our office. If you think you may need emergency medical attention, we can advise you on that as well.

Are there times that an additional fee may be charged?

Yes, there are some lab tests or in-office procedures that may require an additional fee beyond your monthly membership. These services are provided at a greatly discounted price. We value transparency and will always inform you of additional costs for recommended procedures before they occur. Any additional fees will be charged to your preferred method of payment.

Do you see people of all ages?

Dr. King sees patients ages 3 years and older.

What if I’m hospitalized or need specialized care outside of your practice?

Sometimes more significant healthcare needs arise that go beyond the scope of care provided at Simple Primary Care Solutions. In those situations, we can help you identify affordable local options for specialized care and provide any medical records upon request. If you are hospitalized, Dr. King will work closely with your hospital physicians to get you back to health as quickly as possible. We do recommend that patients carry some form of major medical insurance to cover any medical emergencies that may occur that are beyond the scope of your direct primary care membership.

Are my medical records ever shared with insurance companies or government agencies?

No. Patient privacy is a natural benefit of the direct primary care model. We will never provide any third party with a copy of your records unless you specifically request that we share records or if Simple Primary Care Solutions is subject to a subpoena or search warrant.

Do I still need health insurance?

Direct primary care through a provider like Simple Primary Care Solutions does not replace health insurance, and we encourage patients to carry a high deductible plan, major medical plan, or a plan with a health savings account in case hospitalization or specialized treatment is ever needed. We recommend consulting with your insurance provider to help find a plan that works best in conjunction with the DPC model and meets your specific healthcare needs. We do also work with patients who are part of health sharing plans like Liberty Healthshare or Medi-share.

What if I want to continue my current insurance? Can I use it to pay for DPC services?

We don’t accept insurance for office visits through Simple Primary Care Solutions, but your existing insurance can be used for referrals to other physicians, lab work, or prescribed medications. If your insurance plan requires that imaging or prescriptions go through a specific facility, please let us know in advance.

Why should I use direct primary care if I already have insurance?

Our patients value their time and appreciate our same day and next day appointments with little to no wait time in our office. With the direct primary care model, we’re able to address most healthcare concerns quickly and efficiently. Many patients tell us the time they save is worth continuing with our practice even if they have traditional insurance coverage as well.

How can I save on insurance costs by using direct primary care?

With Simple Primary Care Solutions, your monthly membership fee covers all office visits with no copays required. We also offer significant discounts on common lab tests and common generic prescription medications. For many patients, those discounts result in a lower cost than they would pay through their existing insurance coverage. Anytime you need healthcare services beyond what our membership covers, our office can work with you to determine the most cost-effective options.

With most of their primary care needs covered through our office, many patients will switch from their expensive comprehensive insurance coverage to a more basic major medical plan to save money on their insurance costs.

Have a question we didn’t answer?

If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, call our office at (405) 696-5442 and a member of our staff can help answer any questions you have about direct primary care and what’s covered under the monthly membership.