Direct Primary Care

Unlimited visits and 24/7 access to Dr. King

Yes, we really mean it. Your monthly membership fee unlocks a level of personalized, responsive care that most people have never experienced. Call, text, or message via app to talk with your doctor and receive a reply within a couple hours.

How direct primary care differs from traditional healthcare

In traditional healthcare, doctors are limited by insurance companies in their scope of treatment and must keep up with excessive amounts of reporting to the insurance company. That leads to huge patient loads and very little time to spend with each individual patient.

Direct primary care is different. It takes the insurance company out of the equation and puts the patient at the forefront of care. Direct primary care doctors have more time to spend with each patient to truly get to know them and partner with them in achieving optimal health.

Benefits of direct primary care

Direct primary care is a patient-centered healthcare model that helps you save money and time and puts healthcare decisions in your hands instead of the hands of a for-profit insurance company.


Low monthly payment

The recurring monthly cost for direct primary care unlocks unlimited access to your own personal physician. Take better care of your health for only a few dollars a day.


Unlimited visits

Our practice offers unlimited visits and no copays as part of your monthly membership, so you don’t have to worry if multiple health issues arise in the same month.


24/7 access

Our patients can call, text, or message Dr. King through our app any time of day and receive a response within a couple hours. No more waiting for the office to open tomorrow!


More personalized care

Dr. King has fewer patients and no insurance company demands to worry about, which means more time to spend getting to know you and helping you optimize your health.


Discounted tests & medications

We can offer significant discounts on laboratory work and common generic medications, plus the convenience of getting everything taken care of in one stop at our office.


No insurance needed for primary care

Our membership covers the majority of primary care needs, though we do still recommend patients consider a major medical plan for emergencies or specialized care.


Same day or next day appointments

When you’re not feeling well, seeing your physician quickly gives you peace of mind and quicker relief. Get same day or next day appointments with little to no wait time.

Our process for patients

Become a member of our practice

After a one-time $99 signup fee to join our practice, your monthly membership unlocks all the great benefits of direct primary care.

Schedule an annual physical

We recommend starting with an annual physical to establish a relationship and get some baseline health numbers, but it’s not a required step.

Get unlimited visits and 24/7 access

When you have health questions, Dr. King is available for office visits and consultations via phone, text, or app. No more waiting for the office to open!

Save money and enjoy better health

The monthly membership fee covers most your primary care needs so you can stay in the best health possible by proactively managing any health issues.