Affordable monthly rates for employee healthcare

Take care of your employees for a low monthly fee with direct primary care.

How direct primary care benefits employers

Tired of ever-increasing insurance rates and negotiations about healthcare costs? Direct primary care helps you take care of your employees for an affordable monthly cost.


Lower cost than traditional insurance plans

Direct primary care services can cover a significant majority of employee healthcare needs at a dramatically lower cost than traditional insurance plans. That means you can better budget and track your healthcare expenses.


More accessible for smaller employers

Healthcare benefits can be a great recruiting tool for companies, but traditional insurance plans aren’t attainable for small teams. Direct primary care changes that with memberships available for employers of all sizes.


Convenient, personalized care for employees

Once your employees sign up with Simple Primary Care Solutions, they get unlimited office visits and 24/7 access to Dr. King via phone, text, or app for highly personalized care to address a wide range of medical concerns.

Our Pricing

After you set up your employer portal with our practice, your employees can log in and choose coverage for themselves or for any family members over the age of 3.

The monthly fee includes unlimited office visits, 24/7 access to Dr. King for medical issues or questions, and the peace of mind knowing the majority of your employee’s medical needs are covered for a much lower cost than traditional insurance.

Age 3-18

$49 per month

Age 19+

$89 per month

Have questions? We can help.

Yes, you can offer healthcare benefits to employees, even if you’re a small company or have a limited budget. Contact us today to discuss how direct primary care can help you with recruiting and retaining employees.