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Steven King, DO

Family Medicine Clinic & Family Medicine Physician located in Edmond, OK

Your primary care provider gives the foundation of your medical care and is your first point of contact for all your medical needs. At Simple Primary Care Solutions, in Edmond, Oklahoma, Steven King, DO, and his team offers a unique primary care membership program to ensure that you and your family get the medical attention and care you need to maintain a healthy, active life. Call Simple Primary Care Solutions or make an appointment online today.

Primary Care

What is primary care?

Primary care encompasses the day-to-day medical care that you and your family need. It includes your annual physical exams and wellness checks and sick visits as well as preventive care and chronic disease management.

At Simple Primary Care Solutions, Dr. King and his team offer subscription-based primary care services for every member of your family. The subscription includes unlimited office visits, 24/7 access to Dr. King, your annual physical exam, EKGs, skin biopsies and more. They also offer in-office lab and pharmacy services at near-cost prices for your convenience.

Why do I need primary care?

Most health problems don’t cause noticeable symptoms in their early stages. Primary care includes the routine check-ups and health screenings that allow Dr. King to monitor your health for the earliest warning signs of disease.

For example, high blood pressure doesn’t usually cause any noticeable symptoms until you have a catastrophic cardiac event. However, if you have your blood pressure checked at your annual physical exam, Dr. King can keep an eye on your results. If your blood pressure is starting to increase, Dr. King can order more testing to confirm your condition and offer treatment and lifestyle advice to reduce your blood pressure and restore your health.

Your primary care provider is also your point of contact for any of your medical concerns or questions. Dr. King can help you identify small and sustainable changes you can make to improve your health and reduce your risk of disease.

What are the benefits of subscription-based primary care?

When you join the subscription-based direct primary care program at Simple Primary Care Solutions, you benefit from low stress, non-rushed visits. Dr. King and his team allow for plenty of time for each patient to be seen and treated, which ensures that you never feel rushed and that you have time to ask all of your questions.

At Simple Primary Care Solutions, Dr. King and his team know you and treat you like a member of their family. If you’re interested in seeing a primary care physician who makes time for you and makes your health a priority, call Simple Primary Care Solutions or schedule an appointment online today.

The Highest Standard of Health Care

Our practice runs in a direct primary care model. This model is created to be focused on the patient. You may have heard of concierge or boutique medicine. Direct Primary Care is similar but puts those elite services in a more reasonable price range. Instead of being a number, you will be one of only 700 patients we admit to the clinic Once that number is reached, patients will be placed on a wait list until another patient leaves the practice.

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