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Lab Work Specialist

Steven King, DO -  - Family Medicine Clinic

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Steven King, DO

Family Medicine Clinic & Family Medicine Physician located in Edmond, OK

At Simple Primary Care Solutions, in Edmond, Oklahoma, Steven King, DO, and his team offers comprehensive medical care including lab work at a single convenient location. They offer in-office lab tests to save you time and money and get valuable information about your health and wellness to inform your treatment plan. If you’re looking for a primary care practice that puts your needs first, call Simple Primary Care Solutions today or schedule an appointment online.

Lab Work

Why would I need lab work?

At Simple Primary Care Solutions, Dr. King orders lab work such as blood work and urinalysis to help diagnose and monitor a wide range of health conditions including:

  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Kidney problems
  • STDs
  • Liver function
  • Blot clotting problems

Lab tests provide critical information about the proteins and other substances in your blood and urine. For example, Dr. King uses lab work to tell if you’ve had a heart attack or if diabetes has impacted your kidney function.

Lab tests can also show Dr. King if your treatment program is working. Dr. King keeps detailed records of your lab work and compares your results to ensure your health is improving.

What are the benefits of in-office lab work?

Dr. King and the team at Simple Primary Care Solutions offer in-office lab work because it’s more convenient for you. There’s no need to make additional appointments at other lab testing facilities, which saves you time, gas, and reduces your need to arrange for care for your family. Lab tests are also priced at near-cost, which significantly reduces your financial burden.

In addition to saving you time and money, in-office lab work provides your test results more quickly than an outside lab, which allows Dr. King to diagnose your condition and start treatment more quickly. The earlier you begin treatment, the less likely you are to experience negative symptoms and poor health.

What should I expect when I need lab services?

When Dr. King orders lab tests, one of the friendly and knowledgeable technicians will draw blood or provide a sterile beaker for you to give a urine sample. The results are usually available quickly, often on the same day, since you don’t need to wait for an appointment at an external lab, which could also take days to deliver your results.

What happens if my tests are positive?

If your lab tests show signs of disease or infection, Dr. King works with you to create a treatment plan to restore your health and wellness. He may prescribe medication such as insulin or other drugs to lower your glucose and cholesterol levels.

Additionally, if your testing reveals an infection such as a urinary tract infection, Dr. King can prescribe an antibiotic or another drug to help you recover. Dr. King could suggest additional testing to gather more information about your condition or medical procedures to heal your body.

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